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Residential Pest Control Management

Since 1974 we've protected thousands of homes in our area. We are pleased to offer the following great quality
pest control management
services, all of which come with free estimates and prompt, courteous service.

Here at H&H Pest Control and Waterproofing, we believe in full service no matter what. Therefore we offer both one time and regular recurring services. No matter your pest problem, we will handle it! We are equipped to handle a wide variety of pest infestations and also conduct full prevention treatments. Regardless of the stage of your pest problem, we are ready to tackle the infestation and put your mind at ease.

Our team of highly trained technicians has the skills to handle any pest or rodent that comes your way. With decades of industry experience, we have seen everything mother nature can throw at us. Our technicians are certified and trained to treat all types of pests.





Bed Bugs




Fire Ants


The H&H team values customer service above all! While we are obsessed with pest control, the customer always comes first. After all, we couldn’t have made it 45 years in the business without the help of our loyal customers. Our customer’s dedication was not earned overnight, however, we have found that our free inspection and service guarantee has built a trustworthy relationship within the community. We will always provide a free inspection, and we will never back away from a challenge. Our technicians provide a fair, competitive quote and will always finish the job.

Residential Termite Control

Picture your beloved home, a place of peace and comfort. Now imagine an

unseen threat lurking in the shadows, termites, ready to cause significant damage before you even notice their existence. They're not picky eaters, devouring not only wood but also materials like paper, insulation, even pool liners and filtration systems, causing billions in damages each year.

Why is this threat so insidious? Termites live in densely populated, highly organized colonies. They operate silently, efficiently, and are masters of disguise. By the time you detect their presence, they may have already caused thousands of dollars in damage. One colony can house multiple queens, each capable of laying millions of eggs throughout their lifespan, making the task of controlling them a daunting one.

Now, consider this - wouldn’t it be a relief to have experts handle these destructive pests, ensuring the integrity and safety of your home?

Termites thrive on "cellulose," a component found in the very structure of your home. But you can make a stand and protect your investment with proactive, professional termite control.

H&H Pest Control Management is here to secure your property from the termite threat. Our experienced team can provide the protection your home needs, helping you prevent unwanted repair costs, preserving your home's value and your peace of mind. Don't wait until the damage is done - contact H&H Pest Control and Waterproofing today!

Foundation Waterproofing - Why Is It So Important?

Excessive moisture in your basement or crawlspaces can lead to serious issues like mold growth, termite colonization, and rapid wood rot. It may also affect the quality of air circulating throughout your home. Left unchecked, this can quickly escalate into a costly and health-threatening situation.

Even though these risks may seem distant, they're surprisingly common. Basements and crawl spaces are prone to water build-up due to their ventilation and circulation characteristics. Like termite infestations, water damage can go unnoticed until it's already wreaked significant havoc on your home's foundation.

Imagine your home, fortified and safe, protected from these potential damages. Picture the peace of mind knowing that your family's health is secure, and your property value preserved. This can be achieved with proactive and professional foundation waterproofing services, ensuring a healthy and dry environment for your family to live in.

Since 1974, H&H Pest Control Management & Waterproofing has been guarding homes like yours from pests and moisture.

We offer a comprehensive array of moisture prevention services including French Drain Systems, Sump Pump Installation, New-Construction Foundation Waterproofing, and Moisture Barrier Installation.

Don't wait until water damage becomes a costly headache

- safeguard your home and your family now. Contact H&H Pest Control and Waterproofing for a free estimate and prompt, courteous service!

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